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Embed: Love Is Not Jihad. Share Your Stories With Us–(YouTube)
Come on, goy. Tell us your (((story)))
>> No.79
File: b4a85d2a0771fc15ffae2d8705b1a676-imagepng.png–(48.25KB, 200x200)
>> No.80
Bombard those numbers with stories of Dalits getting lynched for dating muzzie girls
>> No.81
That's what I ve done, you do it as well, bhangi
>> No.84
I don't know what to write, tell me and I'll mail them too
>> No.85
File: 1514943999604.jpg–(28.30KB, 1024x576)
write about this massive underground scheme of expensive magical topper tatti(tm) that makes any exam aspirant score good marks
>> No.86
God damn your imagination is very tatti, if I may say so
>> No.87
maybe your parents fed some to you kind of like medicine for your studies
>> No.88
What kind of scat fetish is this projecting bhangi

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