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File: bullseye.png–(39.30KB, 200x151)
No.28  [Reply]
Faggots are the most subhumanly people on earth. There is a reason why they are ostracised and exterminated in most societies. Faggots are not welcome in this chan.
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>> No.56
>> No.60
vedas recommend that cities should be less than 50k people
>> No.61
Shouldn't you fags have flags on here? At least Indian regional ones?

File: Modi and the Millennials.jpg–(47.47KB, 678x452)
No.57  [Reply]
>> No.58
They can't, that agriculture bill is fucking them rn.
>> No.59
they desparately need someone better than rinkiya ke papa for delhi and they could this college crisis issue to propel whoever is next cm candidate for bjp

File: Screenshot_2020-09-08 Indiachan.png–(54.90KB, 228x228)
No.26  [Reply]
Come join us Indians at Indiachan. What kind of a nigger would browse this subhumanly shithole called 108channel anyway?
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>> No.53
india - pet name given to country by colonizers
108 - hindu auspicious number ever since vedic period
>> No.54
>> No.55
Indiachan is full of bhangis.

File: soyidea.jpg–(7.15KB, 183x200)
No.35  [Reply]
Why is this place not called soychan?
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>> No.45
It doesn't
>> No.47
it does you bigot! accept the orientation of the number
>> No.49

File: rope.jpg–(8.29KB, 474x266)
No.29  [Reply]
Faggots need to take the rope
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>> No.38
You better.
>> No.40
or else?
>> No.41
Or else you will become a faggot yourself

File: libcuck.jpg–(26.38KB, 200x149)
No.32  [Reply]
>> No.34
please don't say that word

File: Aurangzeb.jpg–(18.25KB, 309x375)
No.19  [Reply]
>Kills his brothers and imprisons his father to become king
>Cries in his will that no one should become king
>Stopped royal patronage to music, dance, art, and offical history writings.
>Was a good veena player
>Doesn't build monuments, and indulge in decadence like other kings to save money
>Empties the treasury with fruitless wars
>Goes full fanatic over his hindu population
>Cries in his will that he's comitted sins and doesn't want other muslims to suffer because of him
>Was a hardcore vegetarian, only had 1 wife all his life

What was this faggot fucking problem?
>> No.20
Sounds based to me.
>> No.23

File: 0A48DE27-0C98-4911-A815-079D5D78162A.jpeg–(37.06KB, 451x679)
No.17  [Reply]
Low key good looking site man.
>> No.18
Enjoy your stay, anon. I will try to make it more comfy.

File: 8ab35726-c3ea-11e9-ad8c-2755.jpg–(144.82KB, 820x586)
No.11  [Reply]
Boycotting Chinese Products doesn't make any sense. Because when India start to ban products from China, they will also ban our products in China. In 2018-19 India’s exports to China were mere $16.7 billion. So Indian economy will suffer because of this stupid movement.
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>> No.14
I agree, however the problem is how do we grow our homegrown industries so that they be able to compete with the chinks? Even our homegrown software industries aren't doing that well. And that was one area we had our strength. We can't even have a homegrown software industry that is capable of taking on giants like Microsft, Facebook and Google while Chinese can somewhat stand on their legs without relying on these ameerican corporations for most of their support.
>> No.15
You have a fair point except that Chini and Amriki companies row two different boats. While the America Giants rely on their innovations to give them an edge against the mid-tier MNCs, the Chinese make profiting from business extremely feasible. This is also the reason why companies worldwide get baited to invest in China cuz the turnouts right now are great. This is also the reason why guys inside India too are drawn there because they have the value point, "it just werks" on their side.
This is the thing, this is why we need to tap out from this shit as soon as possible, because a deal can never be too good. As for how the India we know right now is full of incompetent brats that struggle against the huge market, now that is a test for us, how our institutions can guarantee that our best minds would be the anchors on which the pseudo-backup home economy can put their faith in, because you know the picture, you know how our genius westfaggots are making it so complicated for us to stand on our own too. Those mules will instinctively trade a basic job in one of the big names for being the CEO of a promising local company without batting a single eye, because its just a choice between the easy job vs the tough job, nothing else.
Basically, what I mean is, Indians are messed up to the core, and the policies involved with the industries are not making it less complicated
>> No.16
*the tradeoff mentioned is reversed

File: BJP.png–(14.12KB, 154x159)
No.1  [Reply]
What is ur opinion about Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Hindutva ideology and ethno nationalist agenda?
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>> No.7
I'm guessing you're that Himachali guy who wants SI-esque regional parties in HP.
It'll be hard to take off unless you're aiming at some specific caste/ethnicity and doesn't have backing from the strong leaders or have enough charisma to become one yourself. JNP in Haryana was the last party I ever heard where they took away significant votes from both sides to become an influential state level participant in the current alliance ruling that state now.
>> No.8
Honestly, i think BJP hasn't done much for Hindus and maybe it was just an election thing they used.
>> No.9
Yes. BJP only create panic among Hindus and provoke their sensitivity to increase their vote bank.

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