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File: djm50uj2xie61.jpg–(90.59KB, 1125x1122)
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the hero we need
>> No.99
>> No.100
>Dr homosexual defense guru

File: trans"woman".jpeg–(12.29KB, 146x143)
No.82  [Reply]
Hey fascists, we are here to teach you how to respect our existence and praise us for our mental illnesses and consider giving this illnesses to your children.

We have decided to give ourselves some new snappier, sexier titles and will put you fascists in gulag if you don't use them to refer to us.

-Trans-women are men who cut their penis and scrotum and insert estrogen into them and start growing man-boobs into them. Henceforth, you shall refer to them as "Dick-choppers"

-Trans-men are women who mutilate their breasts(and their femininity with it) and inject anabolic steroids into them and start growing soyboy beards. Henceforth, you shall refer to them as "Boob-cutters".

I will not repeat myself. I repeat, I will not repeat myself.
I hope I have made my latest demands clear. You must follow these guidelines for the rest of your lives. Now START RESPECTING ME, YOU FUCKING BITCHES!
>> No.83
No I will call you a she
>> No.96
Whatever.jpeg - call yourself what ever you want - we Dont care. Just don't ask to replace women
>> No.97
File: 1608812604014.jpg–(61.75KB, 798x814)

File: 1598652016285.png–(1.50MB, 960x1280)
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File: 1598652016285.png–(1.50MB, 960x1280)
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File: 1598652016285.png–(1.50MB, 960x1280)
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File: 1604734948938s.jpg–(8.18KB, 250x250)
No.89  [Reply]
kalej reopened for any of you here?
>> No.90
>> No.91
>> No.92
It's only going to get worse kid

Embed: Love Is Not Jihad. Share Your Stories With Us–(YouTube)
No.78  [Reply]
Come on, goy. Tell us your (((story)))
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>> No.86
God damn your imagination is very tatti, if I may say so
>> No.87
maybe your parents fed some to you kind of like medicine for your studies
>> No.88
What kind of scat fetish is this projecting bhangi

File: 9KWPhf4F.jpg–(54.75KB, 512x512)
No.63  [Reply]
Come back to InCh you fucking faggots. Nuke this inferior chan right now.
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>> No.73
File: 1605072656740.gif–(77.56KB, 800x600)
>> No.76
Shut up nigger, this is the nicer simpler chan
>> No.77
File: 1604734948938s.jpg–(8.18KB, 250x250)
Fuck randiachan, can't embed videos there, can't upload multiple files, can't upload gifs. Total retardation

File: images.png–(13.62KB, 318x159)
No.74  [Reply]
>of the people by the people for the people
>> No.75
File: 1598333588158.png–(70.82KB, 255x237)

File: feb14779e70059bb5676efce6979ed46_imagepng.png–(595.88KB, 1816x748)
No.62  [Reply]
:) Proud descendant of Meluha and Andronovo

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