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File: 1280px-BlackMarble20161km.jpg–(80.14KB, 1280x640)
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108/int/ is an English-only international board and its main purpose is to serve as a bridge between countries and is not biased to any country. Feel free to share anything that you find interesting!

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hi admin, please delete /int/ and add /a/. Thanks. Bye

File: 1527780029380.jpg–(364.16KB, 1069x719)
No.3  [Reply]
does russia count among east or west?
>> No.4
East, are you Aditya? This tiger is recognizable
>> No.5
>This tiger is recognizable
yea it's me

File: asldkfjslad.png–(1.25MB, 1366x768)
No.2  [Reply]
Does the song american idiot comfortable apply to india since there is an americanization trend going on after the century of angelicization

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