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File: topper.jpg–(83.48KB, 635x640)
what if someday someone could start the rumour that eating previous years exam toppers feces could get you a very good rank, do you think bugman tier zoomers who'd do anything for 'success', lap it up (figuratively and literally)?
>exam prep coaching student towns like kota, katwaria sarai would have dedicated tatti mandis
>the higher the rank the higher the price
>mfw there would crowds gathered discussing how a particular shop is selling his own 'fake' shit instead of X toppers who is said to have topped a particular exam 2 times in a row
>mfw zoomers father brings him diarrhea of his friends meticulous son and force feeds him interrupting his gaming session saying "kuch to fayda hoga"
>> No.75
>tfw you realize this site has same userbase as inch
>> No.76
nope only the upper portion that doesn't post on that bhangichan anymore probably overlaps

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