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File: f57.jpg–(79.16KB, 640x640)
Finally, added an ad in front page. I'll get paid $0.02 per unique click (I'm not sure). They will be sent to my buttcoin address. Gonna waste them on buying a decent domain and get a good hosting service.
Kindly, do the needful and click on the ad when you feel so.
>> No.31
A .xyz domain will cost around $1. This seems a good deal.
>> No.32
yep, closing 108chan tab forever after this post
>> No.33
If you pay me, I shall remove the ad. The only reason I added ads is to pay for domain and hosting service.
Anonymous Ads (a-ads.com) is where from the ads come from. It's literally in the number one in the list of bitcoin-based ad services and the safest too.
>> No.35
Is there an browser plug in that hides the ads but secretly clicks through and pretends to browse the ad? That way, I can browse 108 without the annoyance of the ad, but you can still make your tuppence? Since such advertisements don't work anyway, the advertisers won't notice the difference, so they will continue to be paying you, but we'll not have to deal with the burden on our eyes.
>> No.36
pay you for what nigger? it's not like this site has more than 3 users and free hosting isn't working for 108chan
noone asked you to get a paid domain. you just want to make some money greedy fuck
>> No.37
Without a paid domain, this site is not going to show up on search results like "4chan india" or "indian imageboard". If Google keeps filtering out my website from search results, this website will stay dead forever.
>> No.41
File: IMG_20200727_214006.jpg–(115.14KB, 720x969)
I don't know why they are not paying me.
>> No.43
I clicked it 10 times.
You should have at least ₹15.
>> No.45
File: IMG_20200731_114910.jpg–(107.88KB, 720x878)
Strange. It's still the same even the clicks have increased. I think something is wrong.
>> No.47
Removed ad; made a donation page instead. Ads are shit.
>> No.63
just get a .net like any selfrespecting site
i can send you like 2k
>> No.64
are you the same underage nigger?
>> No.68
Can you pay it in bitcoin? It would cost around $11.79.
>> No.69
Is there a way to directly pay to a wallet from a card. I don't want to go through all the rigamarole of setting up a wallet etc
>> No.70
Might https://paxful.com be of some help. It generates a bitcoin wallet for you when you make an account. Then, you can buy bitcoins from the bitcoin sellers there with your card, which will be sent to your bitcoin wallet. You can later send me those bitcoins to my address.
P.S.: A trade takes an average time of 15 minutes from an active seller. There are Indian sellers too.
>> No.79
Don't be a pussy srijam, I can't buy and donate bitcoins, ads were fine.
>> No.83
are you logging our ip address?
>> No.89
IPs are stored for only a limited timespan. Once your threads get deleted, your IP will be deleted along with it.
>> No.382
remove all the inch related posts on all the boards
>> No.383
this is a power imbalance between users and jannies. update and show your ip every 30 minutes of every day on the front page
>> No.473
1$ is like 75 rupees why dont you want to spend 75 rupees?
>> No.474
he knows spending any money will be wasting it because he is a faggot who cant even run a pt usha robot, let alone an imageboard
only reason this site gets any activity is because indiachan is a shithole chan filled with redditor faggots to the brim
>> No.476
Lol, true
>> No.506
:( dont bully the poor kid

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