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File: 5859b173711f64423aa5e050.png–(67.03KB, 1280x1280)
You know how gpay sounds like g पे, and g can be an abbreviation for गांड.
This can be a pretty good homo joke just need to think of a premise and a punchline.
>> No.287
>good homo joke
Just think of anything from your life
You're OP afterall
>> No.288
Santa dukaandar (gay): oye balle balle paise to de diye ji brrraaa
Customer (not gay): acha sardar ji cash to nhi hai card chalega?
Santa dukaandar (gay): oye bilkul chalega ji shaava shaava
Customer (after looking around): kidhar swipe karna hai paaji
Santa (after making goatse pose): Gpay
>> No.290
10/10 perfect joke
>> No.296


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