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File: funny-hindi-on-self-proud-lovesove.jpg–(69.12KB, 650x650)
So I started learning drawing and shieet for animation, but writing something funny is hard as fuck.
Couldn't even come up with something like pic related, I thought I was funny :(
>> No.262
File: 1605144318409.gif–(93.28KB, 269x350)
why don't you try reading comedic texts/books and formally learn humor from books of different eras and languages(using translation). Humor is intrinsic and it is okay to take inspiration.
>> No.263
But I don't want to rehash shit
>> No.264
then the only option is to learn humor formally and to try to practice it in daily life
>> No.273
that's not even funny you fucking idiot
>> No.274
That's the point bhangi, I couldn't even come up with that on my own
>> No.275
so you're sad you have enough self awareness to not come up with stupid shit
>> No.278

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