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File: 1591243259114.jpg–(89.65KB, 650x650)
will lungoot be always remembered as the great grandfather in indian chan history?
>> No.243
No, because newfags don't know him.
>> No.244
What kindof dumbfuck thinks what newfags know or don't know even matters
>> No.245
It wouldn't matter when only 2 people who remember him still post, majority of userbase has been replaced.
>> No.306
File: 1605377105907.png–(3.50MB, 1413x6248)
Hello. You are not your job, you are not how much money you have in the bank, you are not the car you drive, not contents of your wallet.. and so on.

Take care friend. Question authority, including pic related.
>> No.307
What does this have to with lungoot?
>> No.308
Nothing to do with that person. Just communicating anonymously. Just had feeling for it and it was sent.

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