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File: 1585746953668.gif–(49.09KB, 204x400)
>Paki actress makes anti Islamic statements openly
>She keeps doing it, lol
>Be me, in Pakistan?????
>At a cafe????
>Suddenly a bunch of terrorists arrive and behead the actress
>They are now going to overthrow the gobermint
This is a my dream I had last night, was pretty spooky.
>> No.153
File: images (4).jpeg–(36.55KB, 808x379)
If this was happening irl, do you think India will preementively invade or nude Pakistan? A coup by fanatics there, would be a major security issue to us.
>> No.154
Phoneposting sucks ass
>> No.155
This is just embarrassing
>> No.156
i will ignore this thread and save you from the embarrassment

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