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File: om.png–(1.09MB, 1880x1175)
Good morning guys, wake up early chant gayatri matra, feels good man.
Remember to be productive during the day, and let's meet in the evening.
>> No.138
om bhur bhuvas swaha tatsavi tur vadenium bhargo devas yadi mahi diyo yona pracho daya
>> No.139
Based, how was your day my good friend?
>> No.140
just a regular day. still haven't fixed my sleep schedule
i attend online colij classes from 8 to 3 or 4 then sleep till 10-11 and stay awake whole night
how was your day
>> No.144
Waking up at 4 daily, sleeping at 9 for the past week.
Being productive, got debarred from placements earlier cause autism so preparing for competitive exams.
>> No.147
exams for jobs or for further studies?
>> No.150
Both but main focus is on GATE

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