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File: images (92).jpeg–(32.26KB, 438x700)
>no more boards, in fact just make a single general board. Chan is too small for more than that
>catalogue on homepage/if just one board then homepage should be the board homepage
>dark mode bro dark mode.messageboards and chans have changed in the last decade and the way we access them has also changed, these nu-chans need to adapt to gain traction. Also homepage needs to be optimised for rendering on phone screen
>> No.15
fuck off namefag
admin disable name field or you will attract attention whores like this fag and it will into inch
>> No.27
Added a dark theme.
>> No.39
Cry moar, retard
>> No.40
fuck off brainlet. go seek attention on indiachan
>> No.66
File: 1577443665327.jpg–(25.90KB, 619x676)
>for rendering on phone screen
kek jiobhangis the deathblow to any online community
>> No.72
Who is this qt?
>> No.73
mai waif
>> No.74
Can you post moar? Pls
>> No.77
File: 1514943999604.jpg–(28.30KB, 1024x576)
>> No.78
You mind if I coooom?
>> No.80
change this annoying shit and make it zoomer friendly like inch and then maybe ill lurk everyday
>> No.81
You aren't zoomer enough.
This is what us zoomers like.
>> No.82
This is how real chans look.
>> No.86
sad what happened to agatha now.
>> No.87
damm dubs on both agatha pics? agatha is very auspicious just like this chan
>> No.93
well well what do we have here
>> No.95
Done. Should be zoomer-friendly now.
>> No.96
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