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File: swfewfrwegr.png–(102.46KB, 476x270)
ITT: we discuss how to effectively shill 108channel and invite posters here. post whatever ideas and strategies you have, also post links to where you're shilling
i made this thread
keep bumping this once every few hours
>> No.117
I was thinking of advertising on reddit.
>> No.118
advertise here and invite femanons
>> No.119
Won't they ban me?
>> No.120
File: Screenshot_20200907-031427.png–(307.43KB, 1080x1280)
No, men are allowed for some reason
>> No.121
You do it, bro. People do not like self-promotion. You can do better.
>> No.123
please don't r/India and all the indian porn subs are filled with niggers and paks
>> No.124
this is stupid. you'll just be getting faggots like the german flag mutt and the rabid leftists. its better to invite people through referals
>> No.126
Which subreddits do you recommend?
>> No.127
invited some twitter friends

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