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File: images (5).jpeg–(26.28KB, 640x480)
No.157  [Reply]
Happy birthday Modi ji
>> No.158
I don't like wishing birthdays but modiji is special
Happy Birthday Modi ji!

File: 1585746953668.gif–(49.09KB, 204x400)
No.152  [Reply]
>Paki actress makes anti Islamic statements openly
>She keeps doing it, lol
>Be me, in Pakistan?????
>At a cafe????
>Suddenly a bunch of terrorists arrive and behead the actress
>They are now going to overthrow the gobermint
This is a my dream I had last night, was pretty spooky.
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>> No.154
Phoneposting sucks ass
>> No.155
This is just embarrassing
>> No.156
i will ignore this thread and save you from the embarrassment

File: om.png–(1.09MB, 1880x1175)
No.137  [Reply]
Good morning guys, wake up early chant gayatri matra, feels good man.
Remember to be productive during the day, and let's meet in the evening.
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>> No.144
Waking up at 4 daily, sleeping at 9 for the past week.
Being productive, got debarred from placements earlier cause autism so preparing for competitive exams.
>> No.147
exams for jobs or for further studies?
>> No.150
Both but main focus is on GATE

File: rock.jpeg–(20.25KB, 400x400)
No.148  [Reply]
faggot bhangali why aren't webms allowed? i wanted to make a webm thread
>> No.149

File: mornin.jpg–(6.04KB, 116x116)
No.5  [Reply]
-add home page and board links on top to make navigation easier
-do not make more boards this time
-increase max file size to atleast 3 mb
that's all i can think right now and what's up with the shigetsu name?
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>> No.142
File: Screenshot_20200915-061647.png–(17.90KB, 1080x101)
-instead of showing "x hours ago" show the time on which it was posted
-the update option on recent posts is a good feature but change its colour to something else.
>> No.198
Increased maximum filesize limit upto 5MB.
>> No.213
Fixed color problem.

File: 1590619853279.png–(129.49KB, 583x482)
No.122  [Reply]
Mai bhangi ban na chahta hoon
>> No.136
Indiachan pe jaa na

File: RGVeda_Cove_vol1r.jpg–(49.39KB, 260x369)
No.133  [Reply]
thoughts on this anime?
>> No.135
More like anigay

File: Ghazwa-e-Hind-explained-.jpg–(60.51KB, 696x689)
No.130  [Reply]
IRC doesnt work faggot
>> No.131
Yes, I have noticed this too. Probably, something is wrong with Rizon.
>> No.134
Rizon works fine, I am on a different channel in rizon and its working great

File: Screenshot_20200903-162357.png–(59.24KB, 1080x460)
No.114  [Reply]
rusty god has issued his statement
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>> No.125
rusty has literal it cells duking it out in his chan. his chan should be shut down and he should be castrated.
>> No.128
File: animu16.jfif–(6.38KB, 200x177)
Nice cope. Rusty-sama's piss is more valuable than this chan.
>> No.129
you have tasted it, haven't you cringe filename thief

File: swfewfrwegr.png–(102.46KB, 476x270)
No.116  [Reply]
ITT: we discuss how to effectively shill 108channel and invite posters here. post whatever ideas and strategies you have, also post links to where you're shilling
i made this thread
keep bumping this once every few hours
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>> No.124
this is stupid. you'll just be getting faggots like the german flag mutt and the rabid leftists. its better to invite people through referals
>> No.126
Which subreddits do you recommend?
>> No.127
invited some twitter friends

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