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File: Screenshot_20200923-115328.png–(47.47KB, 1080x807)
No.206  [Reply]

>search for pakistan imageboard
>search engine shows me pedo.pk
the meme writes itself
>> No.208
Kek, Pakis are very bad at acronyms.

File: 1558040617426.gif–(1.03MB, 349x194)
No.200  [Reply]
>go to https://8kun.top/india/catalog.html
>ctrl f + "भीम"
>> No.201
File: IMG_20180903_005951.jpg–(142.27KB, 1023x619)
>> No.202
>95 Matches

File: headcanon.jpeg–(25.52KB, 583x526)
No.189  [Reply]
i don't think he has been away for this long
only time he was away for more than a day was during that cyclone thing in bengal which fucked up all bhangali anons internet
>> No.190
Probably watching anime
>> No.197
No, I am alive. Yes, there was no electricity for more than two weeks for the cyclone.

File: 016E485F-02CB-4328-B173-0991F6568E88.jpg–(101.39KB, 708x801)
No.187  [Reply]
I can't believe I did something for a week, phew
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>> No.193
File: this is one guy.png–(44.55KB, 1773x472)
>> No.194
You saved inch with the sepoy pic, that guy saluting, for years. I'm thankful for that.
>> No.195
what a fucking shithole
only good thing about it is how that faggot got zero (you)s even after sperging like an autistic monkey

File: unnamed.jpg–(53.83KB, 313x470)
No.176  [Reply]
Are there any animated shows targeting Indian adult audiences?
If there are, they must be very unfunny or unpopular, I believe it's an open market and a huge opportunity.
So get into it, maybe this is how you get super fucking rich.
And I believe people here are funnier than average bhangis on YouTube/fagbook, so writing stuff wil not be hard for you.
>> No.177
open market but not a huge market
i believe some old tv shows used to do this type of shit but in a normal tv show
however the audience is retarded bhangis these days
why do you think b*llywood changed so much
>> No.184
I want whoreywood to burn overnight.

File: Control.jpg–(200.12KB, 1920x1080)
No.145  [Reply]
I don't know what to say today, how's the lockdown treating you? I think this global pandemic has to be the best thing that has happened in my life, no college, no going outside.
For the first time I feel like I am in control of everything.
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>> No.151
I just want the lockdown till January, after that it should open.
>> No.180
i feel bad for small business owners
>> No.183
So do I, but can't do nothing

File: 1599935370603.jpg–(420.34KB, 1200x864)
No.181  [Reply]
arjuna: o'lord a question that has bewildered a number of people what has turned indian people so ugly
srikrishna: muttification my dear arjun the destroyer of soul
>> No.182

File: scarystoriestotellinthedark.jpg–(124.92KB, 710x1024)
No.162  [Reply]
Scary encounters threads
What's the worst situation have you found yourself in?
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>> No.169
What did you do to almost get expelled?
I was taken to principal few times for dumb reasons but it was never serious so it didn't really scare me
>> No.170
Climbed the roof of the school in 6th class, a faggot from 4th class told the teachers, they called my parents and sent me back to class, I beat the shit out of that bhangi, teacher got mad tried to slap me, grabbed her hand, and twisted it a little, kek, I think I was trying to scare her. This made her ultrafucking mad, she took me to the principal office, the school hadn't even started yet, I had to stand there until principal arrived like from 9 to 11 and even she told me to wait until my parents arrived. Fucking niggers, i was standing till 1, my parents didn't give a fuck because this wasn't the first time, lol.
So the school got over and I was sent home, parents beat me up, first my mom and then my dad, wanted to Kms that night. My parents still refused to talk to the school, lol, next day that whore asked me what happened, I lied to her my parents met the principal and it was over just like that.
That shit went from 0 to 100 to 0.
Pretty shitty experience none of the "adults" handled it nicely, I was just 12, and now that I remember I cried in front of the whole class, I felt like a bitch. :(
>> No.174
>I beat the shit out of that bhangi, teacher got mad tried to slap me, grabbed her hand, and twisted it a little
kek based

Embed: saib. - São Paulo Sunset–(YouTube)
No.166  [Reply]
Is Brazil the India of South America? This looks like a shitty Indian movie, music is okay I guess.
>> No.167
Brazil is the Balochistan of europe

File: Pre Clubbing - waiting for reuben.jpg–(25.78KB, 345x381)
No.141  [Reply]
how much information about me can someone dig out from my ip address
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>> No.159
Can they find stuff like my facebook account or phone number or what device I'm using with my IP?
Keep in mind that I'm not talking about random internet faggots but people who know hacking and other tech stuff
>> No.160
No, they can't.
>> No.161
Especially if you're on a DHCP server, even on a static server finding your mobile number is next to impossible (unless you've uploaded it to the internet like a faggot.)

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