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File: tenor.gif–(582.91KB, 250x250)
No.291  [Reply]
Got banned from Inch :)
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>> No.293
Dickord shit, and more like spammed not post
>> No.294
Get rekt tranny
>> No.295
File: Screenshot from 2020-11-25 23-57-59.png–(70.50KB, 276x238)
Seething, I'm unbanned now

File: 1600754899935.png–(51.68KB, 686x525)
No.280  [Reply]
How many people around you have died due to corona
>> No.281
>> No.283
>> No.289
My neighbour died on Gandhi jayanti. There's 3-4 more cases right in my gali

File: 1604897978737.gif–(221.60KB, 112x112)
No.276  [Reply]
is aditya really kill?
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>> No.282
>> No.284
File: 6054de964890f15fe603d08c823d10c5-imagejpeg.jpg–(29.72KB, 664x662)
>finds me posting on inch while surfing inch himself
>tells me not to use inch
>> No.285
File: download.jfif–(4.18KB, 215x234)

File: funny-hindi-on-self-proud-lovesove.jpg–(69.12KB, 650x650)
No.261  [Reply]
So I started learning drawing and shieet for animation, but writing something funny is hard as fuck.
Couldn't even come up with something like pic related, I thought I was funny :(
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>> No.274
That's the point bhangi, I couldn't even come up with that on my own
>> No.275
so you're sad you have enough self awareness to not come up with stupid shit
>> No.278

File: 1604553678667.jpg–(119.93KB, 1280x720)
No.268  [Reply]
>tfw no gf
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>> No.270
>> No.271
Plenty of time for you to have gf, I got one during calez internship, it's easy when you are slightly more independent, until then jerk off, gf is overrated anyways
>> No.272
thanks for giving hope

File: images (4).jpeg–(37.94KB, 470x313)
No.223  [Reply]
I am from Brazil and we had a telenovela about indian people.

also introduced us to some words like
are baba
are baguandi

>> No.232
Brazil is cringe tier
>> No.267
I thought only eldery people watched this.

File: b087834f7e6b46a1941d593c23e9f28d-imagejpeg.jpg–(193.01KB, 1280x960)
No.265  [Reply]
happy diwali to aall my hindu frens
>> No.266
शुभ दीपावली

File: tyj.jpg–(28.25KB, 591x716)
No.252  [Reply]
this seems to be a quiet, comfy and a better place than inch.looking forward to post regularly
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>> No.258
File: images (5).jpeg–(31.04KB, 655x468)
i won't
>> No.259
Wait and watch
>> No.260
File: 837f8cf1fe7ef5a54a690a1e8c5b797a-imagepng.png–(68.02KB, 645x729)
>Wait and watch

File: brrrrrrr.PNG–(10.04KB, 799x209)
No.246  [Reply]
bros can someone explain me indiachan doxxing drama, im scared af.
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>> No.248
Left inch for good, last time I lurked AVG. post replies were 2-7 and most of them were either spam or whining
>> No.253
>> No.255
No you're a tourist

File: hikki.jpg–(153.53KB, 800x600)
No.251  [Reply]
How’s a hikikomori’s life in India? Do they even exist?

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