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File: unnamed.jpg–(43.15KB, 512x307)
No.331  [Reply]
Post cp.

File: 0c83e2a190a67b1e61f93a7097ae576b-imagegif.gif–(167.90KB, 1702x1256)
No.330  [Reply]
yo stop spamming inch

File: 0c83e2a190a67b1e61f93a7097ae576b-imagegif.gif–(167.90KB, 1702x1256)
No.329  [Reply]
yo stop spamming inch

File: 0c83e2a190a67b1e61f93a7097ae576b-imagegif.gif–(167.90KB, 1702x1256)
No.328  [Reply]
yo stop spamming inch

File: 1545341745901.png–(36.75KB, 657x527)
No.321  [Reply]
mai rape prem karna chahta hun
>> No.322
Pakad lo koi asifa, kek

File: Screenshot from 2020-12-08 13-14-12.png–(46.87KB, 1039x689)
No.310  [Reply]
Ding dong randiachan is dead. Ding Dong randiachan is dead
>> No.311

no its nt retard

File: 1591243259114.jpg–(89.65KB, 650x650)
No.242  [Reply]
will lungoot be always remembered as the great grandfather in indian chan history?
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>> No.306
File: 1605377105907.png–(3.50MB, 1413x6248)
Hello. You are not your job, you are not how much money you have in the bank, you are not the car you drive, not contents of your wallet.. and so on.

Take care friend. Question authority, including pic related.
>> No.307
What does this have to with lungoot?
>> No.308
Nothing to do with that person. Just communicating anonymously. Just had feeling for it and it was sent.

File: nigger.jpeg–(159.81KB, 2048x1462)
No.303  [Reply]
I called him a nigger on inch and 4 people spammed my ass how calling him a nigger is somehow offensive, lol.
Demographic change is real, have kids.
>> No.304
This is what happens when soycial media faggots are allowed on chanz

File: 7b0f95aa0454c1a91f698330b6f127d9.jpg–(20.71KB, 360x360)
No.297  [Reply]
>tfw with no money to buy some smokes
>feels bad man
>> No.298
don't even smoke unless you're smoking premium cigars
>> No.299
Lol, why is everyone exactly the same as me here

File: 5859b173711f64423aa5e050.png–(67.03KB, 1280x1280)
No.286  [Reply]
You know how gpay sounds like g पे, and g can be an abbreviation for गांड.
This can be a pretty good homo joke just need to think of a premise and a punchline.
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>> No.288
Santa dukaandar (gay): oye balle balle paise to de diye ji brrraaa
Customer (not gay): acha sardar ji cash to nhi hai card chalega?
Santa dukaandar (gay): oye bilkul chalega ji shaava shaava
Customer (after looking around): kidhar swipe karna hai paaji
Santa (after making goatse pose): Gpay
>> No.290
10/10 perfect joke
>> No.296


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