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File: brrrrrrr.PNG–(10.04KB, 799x209)
No.246  [Reply]
bros can someone explain me indiachan doxxing drama, im scared af.
>> No.247

File: 1591243259114.jpg–(89.65KB, 650x650)
No.242  [Reply]
will lungoot be always remembered as the great grandfather in indian chan history?
>> No.243
No, because newfags don't know him.
>> No.244
What kindof dumbfuck thinks what newfags know or don't know even matters
>> No.245
It wouldn't matter when only 2 people who remember him still post, majority of userbase has been replaced.

File: sri pepe.png–(417.80KB, 528x522)
No.237  [Reply]
I wake up before sunrise and immediately offer prayers to Krishna, then I do pranam to the deity of the sun, Surya, as the sun slowly rises from the horizon, next proceed to a shower, clean my teeth using a Neem twig.

I sit in padmasana facing either north or east on a pure sheet positioned on pure grounds, that remains undisturbed by any other object or article. I take 3 sippings of holy water and proceed to put on my forehead, bosom and tow arms a round mark of red powder (tilak). I then meditate on brahman itself for several minutes, before bowing and chanting mantras to the murtis of 5 deities (namely Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Devi and Surya, also known as Panchayatana puja) as a means to raise to higher planes of the swinging pendulum of birth to death to rebirth (in order to the avoid duldrums of lower planes of existence which ulitmately distract the finite brain from contemplation of atman and brahman).

I've read the Puranas 108 times already and can recite Vedas and Upanishads off by heart, all in their original sanskrit. I've also studied the systems of logic from Nyaya, veered off into the Nastika metaphysics of Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika, Advaita and Dvaita shashtras on ontology, the mathematics of Aryabhatta and countless Sutras on all topics and fields.

I avoid all tamasic foods and activities and try to avoid maya (worldly pleasures and attachments) as much as possible, as such all I own is an saffron shawl and i spoil all morsels of food with drops of water, to dull the taste (attachment to sensory pleasures only leads to misery and suffering). I do this because the entire material universe is a merely a distraction from reuniting the soul with the unknowable, infinite and immutable mind that underlies everything one materially senses. I haven't deliberately looked at a woman in 3 years (let alone touched or spoken to one) and I subsist solely off of begging for alms.
>> No.238
>I subsist solely off of begging for alms.
Other than this, based.
>> No.241
you think he'd have the time and mind to do all that if he was a wagecuck?

File: random_happy_12yo_girl.png–(701.12KB, 564x706)
No.239  [Reply]
==Dad, can we watch porn?...==
>> No.240

File: e2c1f47d105d3fb9e0f35aff80bdab154302408bc72ef1402b–(41.42KB, 750x458)
No.220  [Reply]
Can i buy this place?
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>> No.231
Sisters not accepted!
>> No.234
no but you can donate to this place
>> No.236

File: ultra-elite.jpg–(35.74KB, 535x400)
No.233  [Reply]
Mai ultra elite ban na chahta hoon
>> No.235
मल-मूत्र भी सेवन करने की वस्तुओं में ultra elite हो सकती है क्योंकि उसका सेवन कुछ लोग ही कर पते हैं

File: images (4).jpeg–(37.94KB, 470x313)
No.223  [Reply]
I am from Brazil and we had a telenovela about indian people.

also introduced us to some words like
are baba
are baguandi

>> No.232
Brazil is cringe tier

File: 96245823.gif–(1.09MB, 600x600)
No.172  [Reply]
Anons, can you draw? I want to get into animation but can't draw, what do?
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>> No.178
my brother draws those soulless pencil sketches of his dumbfuck hiphop friends
>> No.185
Post'em, let us see.>>178
>> No.230
Make stickman animations, problem solved.

File: oligarch-small.png–(76.13KB, 601x658)
No.224  [Reply]
Hello. What are some good Indian memes?
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>> No.227
File: sariya-meme.png–(1.08MB, 1352x889)
Do I need to use something other than Google to find them or is that it?
>> No.228
File: naali-meme.png–(1.00MB, 1340x893)

>> No.229
Ask for sariya memes on indiachan

File: images (39).jpg–(64.58KB, 507x605)
No.214  [Reply]
>Be me
>Born in Bihar
>Move to Maharashtra as a child
>Live here for 15 years
>Want to study enginiggering
>Take engineering subjects in high school
>Prepare for national university entrance
>Chill out thinking I have another option in my local Maharashtra colleges
>Read the brochure
>You need to be an ethnic Marathi or have a domicile of MH state to study in a local state university
>Outsiders not permitted
>Didn't bother registering for my own state's exam

JFL. I'm going to take up Life Sciences or some bullshit. All private uni applications are closed, I really thought I had a shot there and didn't register for anything else.
>> No.215
take a drop and prepare for BITSAT
>> No.216
If you're living there for 15 years you're eligible for a domicile.
>> No.222
>Just live there for 15 years anon, what's the big deal? :^)
Lmao like a fucking parody.

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