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Random: >>293 Get rekt tranny
Politically Incorrect: I don't know what to write, tell me and I'll mail
Random: >>292 Dickord shit, and more like spammed no
Random: >>291 What did you post?
Politically Incorrect: No I will call you a she
Politically Incorrect: Hey fascists, we are here to teach you how to resp
Random: Got banned from Inch :)
Random: >>288 10/10 perfect joke
Politically Incorrect: >>80 That's what I ve done, you do it as wel
Politically Incorrect: >>78 Bombard those numbers with stories of D
Random: >>280 My neighbour died on Gandhi jayanti. T
Random: >>286 Santa dukaandar (gay): oye balle balle
Politically Incorrect: Come on, goy. Tell us your (((story)))
Random: >good homo joke Just think of anything from you