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Random: bump
Random: bros can someone explain me indiachan doxxing dram
Random: >>244 It wouldn't matter when only 2 people
Random: >>243 What kindof dumbfuck thinks what newfa
Random: No, because newfags don't know him.
Random: will lungoot be always remembered as the great gra
Politically Incorrect: :) Proud descendant of Meluha and Andronovo
Random: >>238 you think he'd have the time and mind
Random: Daddy*
Random: ==Dad, can we watch porn?...==
Random: >I subsist solely off of begging for alms. Othe
Random: I wake up before sunrise and immediately offer pra
Random: >>234 >Shitcoins Nah
Random: मल-मूत्र भी सेवन कर
Random: no but you can donate to this place